Cook ? I love that !
Here everything is homemade, it's healthy, and well sourced.

Well sourced means that I favor local producers, we find wonders less than 20 km away.


Waking up is gentle and warm, with a view of the garden, the pond, the ducks... breakfast is served early for the brave, until late for lie-ins.

On the dining room buffet, fresh ground organic coffee, my neighbors' eggs cooked to your liking, apple juice from the garden, my mother's jams, and always a little homemade verine, sweet or savory, a fresh cake.

Everything is homemade, except the bread, the bakers in the region are wonderful artisans.


Butter, milk, cream: the Noisetiers farm
Chocolate butter and cottage cheese: Ferme du Chêne
Yogurts: The Noisetiers farm and the Manège farm in the village.
Ice cream: Mr Fanet and the Noisetiers farm
Bread: Eugène’s workshop and the Fane bakery
Apple juice: apple trees from the garden
Eggs: the neighbors, my friends Raymonde and Didier Bachelet
Hazelnuts: hazelnut trees from the garden

Veal and beef: the farm next door
The lamb: Tony
Poultry: the farm of the 5 brothers
Fish: The port of Fécamp

Cheeses: The 5 brothers farm and the Dumesnil farm